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Business/Health Blogger Needed

Blogger outreach

Business/Health Blogger Needed if you are a business/health blogger, Your expertise and kills are needed for a big client campaign that we’re currently running. You need experience in writing quality, relevant posts for the subject matter of employee health topics. If you are a blogger in either the business or health industry, you may be interested in this assignment. It involves ... Read More »

Current BlogDash Blogging Opportunities

Blogging Opportunities

Blogging Opportunities Hello Bloggers! We’re always striving to bring you the best and most relevant blogging opportunities from our clients. Every day and each week we receive numerous blogger requests and we go through our blogger profiles to find the most suitable blogger that we can find that matches our clients requests. Following is a brief list of current blogging opportunities that ... Read More »

5 Social Blogging Tips That Work

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Make Social Blogging Work Social blogging and social media technology is in full swing right now with many bloggers using the different platforms to grow their blogs. The most popular platforms currently are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. These social outlets provide bloggers with a way to share their posts and connect with other bloggers in their industry. Here are ... Read More »

Using Twitter for Blogging

Is it beneficial to use Twitter for blogging? Do you have a Twitter account? If not, you may be one of the few bloggers who have not begun using this effective marketing social tool. Twitter is a highly popular social networking marketing tool that works quite well for bloggers. It has proven to be a very valuable marketing asset for ... Read More »

11 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog If you’re a well-loved blogger, there’s a good chance that your readers would like to show their support. Give them what they want and make money by taking advantage of merchandising opportunities. Here are different ways that you can Monetize Your Blog. Take a look Self-Published Books: If your readers like your content, they may want to ... Read More »

5 Tips on How to Blog for the Search Engines

Search Engines Blogging for the purpose of being found in the search engines is not an easy task…depending on who you ask. Blogging for the search engines is no different than blogging for human eyes. The only difference is knowing where and how to place your keywords. Blogging and SEO do go together because blogging is a very popular method ... Read More »

3 Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Content marketing will always be a heavyweight in the marketing circle. That’s because readers and customers love content that’s creates value for them, content they can readily use and apply to their businesses and content that’s evergreen, meaning they can use and apply that content to any area and at any point in their businesses. Very often, business don’t ... Read More »

Set Your Blogging Goals for 2015

Blogging Goals

Blogging Goals Have you set any blogging goals for 2015? If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’ll appreciate the idea of blog planning and knowing where you want to take your blog, in terms of traffic and growth. For instance, are you interested in increasing more traffic to your site? What about finding more paid blogging opportunities? And, ... Read More »

Introducing BlogDash’s New Cutting Edge SEO Service

SEO Service

SEO Service Domain Authority has arguably become the most important metric in the field of search engine optimization. It’s quite clear to many SEO service that PageRank has lost some of its predictive utility. It’s not uncommon to find a PR1 site outranking PR3 or PR4 sites in many search engine results pages. On the other hand, Domain Authority has ... Read More »