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Miscommunication Between Bloggers and Businesses

There is a very clear problem that has yet to be solved. Bloggers want real opportunities, real stories, and to be treated like media professionals. Businesses want to reach bloggers, in a professional manner, to offer them real stories and opportunities. It’s so simple… but they just can’t convey it to each other. Why are bloggers still getting horrible pitches? ... Read More »

Blogger Outreach Roundup

Here at BlogDash, we love us some good blogger outreach focused content.  There are a lot of other really smart people out there sharing their experiences and ideas around blogger outreach, and PR in general. We write this blog to teach you why blogger outreach is so valuable, and provide you with the best ways to approach it.  Seeing as ... Read More »

Welcome to the BlogDash Alpha Launch!

That’s right…the wait, for some of you, is over. The BlogDash alpha is now live! What does that mean? For professionals, businesses, agencies etc… we are in private alpha.  Invite only. You might have an invite in your inbox.  If you don’t, don’t fret.  We will be inviting more in a second round. If you didn’t get an invite and ... Read More »