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Blogger Outreach: Working on Weak Spots

Weak Spots

Weak Spots Hi everyone and welcome to our 98th week of roundup articles. This week we picked our articles in such a way that they’ll address the three most important problems faced when dealing with blogger outreach: how to target exactly those publications that best serve your campaign, how to structure your pitch and how to improve your chances in ... Read More »

Blogger Outreach: Stay True to Your Campaign’s Goals

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach When doing blogger outreach one golden rule is to avoid mass mailing. Not only that those kind of impersonal pitches are easy to be spotted by bloggers, but that also means you’re making it harder to successfully reach your marketing goals and a good ROI. Contacting bloggers without thoroughly checking their influence and status regarding your target audience ... Read More »

Blogger Outreach: Throw in a Bit of Humor and Stand out from the Crowd

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach Hello everyone and welcome to our 94th week of roundup blogger outreach articles. For today, we thought to catch your eye with a very simple, but important advice: when sending a pitch make sure you’ll be memorable. Bloggers, especially the ones that act as true influencers in their circles receive a great deal of pitches every day, most ... Read More »

True Influencers Are a Brand’s Greatest Asset


Influencers Nowadays traditional advertising efforts are far from being enough in order to truly make a brand differentiate in the consumer’s minds. All modern marketing campaigns are integrating all sorts of tools and tactics, employing both online and offline media in order to make people notice them and influencers play a key role. However, the secret of a successful campaign ... Read More »

Brands & Bloggers: A Game of Trust


Bloggers Trust is a tricky subject in every aspect of a business activity or relationship and the one between brands and bloggers makes no exception. Bloggers are picky about what they write about because they need to maintain their credibility, to be trusted by their audiences, so that’s why it is so important that brands, represented or not by PR ... Read More »

Your Pitch Validates a Blogger ‘s Status


Blogger When sending a good pitch to a blogger it’s not only about making sure you’ll get a good response rate as your request is relevant, that also proves that you acknowledge the bloggers’ value and importance for your outreach campaign. Bloggers feel offended when they receive a bad pitch mainly because they feel that the PR and Marketing pros ... Read More »