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Do you have an ecommerce site?

ecommerce site

Dear members, We are running a blogging outreach campaign. This campaign is targeting entrepreneurs. So, if you have site related to Business, Small business, Retail, eCommerce, Entrepreneurship, Restaurators, Hospitality equipment, we invite you to participate in this paid opportunity. About our client Our client is an e-commerce software that provides small and medium sized retail and restaurant businesses with point ... Read More »

Workers Compensation Basics That Employers Should Know

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation The workers’ compensation law is responsible for protecting both the employers as well as employees from any financial loss that is associated with work injuries. If any employee gets injured or falls sick while he is working, this law is going to protect both your business as well as the employee. The workers’ compensation law is one of ... Read More »

What is a Campaign Complete Service?

Campaign Complete Service

Campaign Complete  The Campaign Complete blogger outreach solution is designed to meet the needs of organizations that wish to implement a blogger outreach campaign but lack the internal resources required to plan and execute such a campaign in a timely manner. Not only does blogger outreach provide a client’s target audience with authentic, customized third-party content touting product benefits or ... Read More »

What is a Brand Mention Campaign?

Brand Mention Campaign

Brand Mention Campaign The Brand Mentions Campaign is focused on developing high-quality, engaging and shareable content that integrates a mention of your brand and a link to your website in a natural, contextually appropriate way. The article will be written by the bloggers, website owners and/or site contributors. The content of the article will be related to your business niche, ... Read More »

Why to Choose Hybrid Mobile Apps over Native Mobile Apps

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid Mobile Apps As mobile app developers revolutionize mobile technology, technology too is matching the steps. With just about a decade of its existence, the technology has come a long way from being a simple JAVA based functioning to now majorly divide into iOS apps and Android apps. This too puts the businesses in the dilemma of choosing the best ... Read More »

Paid Blogging Opportunity for Health Bloggers

Health Bloggers

Health Bloggers Hi there! BlogDash is launching a Blogging Outreach campaign for serious health bloggers. You can write about health care, sickness, natural treatments, illness, medicine, etc… About our client Our client is a company that creates natural treatments to help the human body overcome even the most chronic illness. By participating in this campaign and spread the word about ... Read More »

Busting the Tops 8 Myths of Remote Working

Remote Working

Remote Working Leave the old 9-to-5. Be your own boss. Work on your own terms. These are some of the sentences you will usually hear while talking about remote working. Thanks to the era of the internet and telecommunication, the trend of working remotely is on the rise. A report published in 2018 by Flexjobs states that almost 3.9 million ... Read More »

Why Should You Add a Category to Your Blog Within BlogDash?

Blog Category

Dear bloggers, did you select a channel? Blog Category When you create a blogger account within BlogDash’s platform, we will ask you to add your blogsite. It’s very important that you associate a category to your blog. If you don’t add a category to your blog, the system will place it under “Uncategorized”. Most of the campaigns running in BlogDash ... Read More »