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Paid Blogging Opportunity for Health Bloggers

Health Bloggers

Health Bloggers Hi there! BlogDash is launching a Blogging Outreach campaign for serious health bloggers. You can write about health care, sickness, natural treatments, illness, medicine, etc… About our client Our client is a company that creates natural treatments to help the human body overcome even the most chronic illness. By participating in this campaign and spread the word about ... Read More »

Busting the Tops 8 Myths of Remote Working

Remote Working

Remote Working Leave the old 9-to-5. Be your own boss. Work on your own terms. These are some of the sentences you will usually hear while talking about remote working. Thanks to the era of the internet and telecommunication, the trend of working remotely is on the rise. A report published in 2018 by Flexjobs states that almost 3.9 million ... Read More »

Why Should You Add a Category to Your Blog Within BlogDash?

Blog Category

Dear bloggers, did you select a channel? Blog Category When you create a blogger account within BlogDash’s platform, we will ask you to add your blogsite. It’s very important that you associate a category to your blog. If you don’t add a category to your blog, the system will place it under “Uncategorized”. Most of the campaigns running in BlogDash ... Read More »

15 Creative Ideas for Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes Buying subscription boxes is an exciting way to try out new things. Packaged in a way that makes it unpredictable and keeps the products safe, these boxes are sure to put a smile on a subscribers face. Since it is a business model that sends out stuff regularly to a customer of anything under the sun, there are ... Read More »

Is an Unsecured Line of Credit Right for Your Small Business?

Unsecured Line of Credit

Unsecured Line of Credit Whether it’s new equipment you need or a new employee you want to hire, at some point in the business cycle, your small business will need some cash. That’s when third-party financing, such as business loans, come into consideration, as a means for your small business to overcome the challenging phase, or to simply continue growing. While ... Read More »

BlogDash Needs Canadian Blogger

Canadian Bloggers

Canadian Blogger Dear Canadian blogger, Are you a Canadian blogger and/or have a Canadian blog? We need your writing expertise for this paid campaign. You can write in any niche. Campaign Requirements To participate in this paid opportunity, here are the conditions: your blog should have a DA (Domain Authority) above 15. the content of the blog must be in ... Read More »

Do you Write about Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore Outsourcing Dear bloggers, If you use to write about Nearshore Outsourcing, we are welling to pay you for this expertise. We are launching a blogging campaign to spread the word about this new trend. If you are familiar with the Nearshore Outsourcing culture, please contact us. We need your experience in this matter. To participate To participate in this ... Read More »