How Is Your Business Adapting to the Changing Media World?

This post is part two of “The Guide to Blogger Outreach” blog post series to help you and your business become more comfortable with blogger relations.  Get the entire guide now for free here.

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In January 2011, BlogPulse reported that over 150 million blogs currently exist on the web.

Holy shit. Right?

You can find a blog on pretty much anything… basket weaving, bodybuilding you name it it’s there. If an interest exists, there’s probably a blog dedicated to it.

That means that content is becoming increasingly niche.  Publications that try to be everything to everyone are getting undercut by highly targeted blogs.  These niche sites are filling in the gaps.

Now, after years of exponential growth, bloggers and citizen journalists are increasingly regarded as truth-bearing news outlets, while faith in traditional televised news is waning.  A candid opinion from a blogger that a reader can relate to on the same level is extremely powerful.

The web has captured the attention span of the masses.  If content doesn’t exist online, it’s losing relevance.

With technologies like Twitter and RSS, speed is paramount in the eyes of the consumer, and bloggers are always ready to break a story without delay.

More information is being pumped out, by millions of people every day than could be read in a lifetime.  It has reached the point where content can become “old news” in a matter of hours.

It’s a crazy media world out there.  How is it affecting your business and PR?

Brands and public relations agencies relied on press releases and news wires to reach the right media sources for a long time.  That time is over.

List building sites and traditional media databases served as a reliable tool for media outreach.  These tools won’t work for blogger/influencer outreach.

These changes in the media world have a great impact on your business and your ability to spread brand awareness.

What are you doing to adapt?

We covered this topic, and wrote an easy step-by-step plan to doing blogger outreach the right way in our “Guide to Blogger Outreach”.  You can get it now for free here.

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