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Does Your Company Need A Brand Ambassador?

Brand Ambassador

Why Using a Brand Ambassador Every new business needs a solid plan to promote their business as well as their products or services. Even if you have the best idea in the world for a new good or service, it won’t mean much if no one really knows about it. You have certainly heard of the importance of “word of ... Read More »

7 Growth Hacking Strategies that Wins

How growth hacking can help your business

How growth hacking can help your business Almost 100 million businesses are launched every year, according to GEM Global Report (almost 3 new businesses every second). The purpose of any business is to generate profits, benefit end-users, retain them, and seek gradual growth over the years. However, with quite a number of startups each year, 90% of them fail. The ... Read More »

Positive and Negative Use of Social Media by Students

Social Media world

Social Media by Students Social media are online technology platforms that help to connect people together far and near. It is used to build relationship among people. The use of social media by students helps to have access to basic information as quick as possible. In school, the use of online platforms such as school website will give students the ... Read More »

Can Career Fairs Work for Startups?

Career Fairs

Career Fairs Over the past few years, career fairs have taken a lot of heat for being boring and ineffective. I’ve heard them described at “stodgy,” boring, and basically a waste of time – obviously, people aren’t pumped to go to them. I think this is an unfair characterization to what basically boils down to a goal-oriented networking event (the ... Read More »

5 Startup Trends That You Need to Watch out for This 2017

What is growth hacking and why it can help your business

Startup Trends The past years have been promising for startup companies, and the numbers prove it.         According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, since the early 1980s, the United States has seen an almost 50% increase in small businesses being launched. It means that more and more small scale entrepreneurs are gathering to form the business world. Moreover, companies with ... Read More »

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Video games and juvenile delinquency A video match will be an digital activity involving individual communication along with a user interface to generate visual suggestions onto a video clips machine perhaps a Television programs panel or personal computer display. Juvenile delinquency commonly known as juvenile offending is participation in criminal conduct by those under 18 that could be persons more ... Read More »