How to Track Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

You thought that was it didn’t you?  Once you pitch the bloggers, you get the story, and your job is done, right?  Wrong!

This is where you start tracking.  Once you track, you need to do 3 things:

1. Join the conversation

To be sure you know when the blogger writes about you, use Google Alerts, Tweetbeep (Twitter alert) or other tracking tools so that you’ll know as soon as that post goes up.

It’s very important to know when the post goes up, because that means you can be the first one in the conversation.  Joining the conversation in comments of a post about your brand is extremely important, especially if your competitors are mentioned as well.

Here’s a great example of what I did when the smart folks at oneforty compared BlogDash to two other tools.

We were the last one listed in the post, but the first ones in the comments. The conversation quickly became focused on BlogDash, because people responded to my comment.  You then had to scroll down almost 10 posts before you saw anything from the competitors.

That post ended up driving a lot of traffic to BlogDash and even brought in a few clients.

2. Share their content

Do everything you can to share the blog post.  Send it to your newsletter and your networks.  You can link to it on your site.  The more traffic you can drive to that post, the more value you can get out of it (assuming it was positive).

3. Stay involved

Even after it’s all said and done, they’ve written about you and you reported the results to your boss or client, stay involved!  You never know when you might want to reach out to the blogger again.

The real value in working with bloggers comes with the long term relationships.  These people aren’t just writers.  They’re consumers who now support you.

4. Measure

It’s important to measure the impact of your campaign so you (or your client) can learn and improve for the future.  Here are some things that you can measure:

  • Social mentions – how many tweets, shares, etc… did it get?
  • Comments – did a conversation happen on the blog post?
  • Traffic – check your analytics.  How much traffic did it send?
  • Leads – How much of that traffic translated to leads?
  • Awareness and sentiment– This is harder to measure, but how many more people now know about your brand? How many of them developed a positive opinion because of the campaign?


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About BlogDash Team

BlogDash Team
Marc Duquette is a web entrepreneur with a core skillset in advertising, SaaS and Influence marketing. He is particularly interested in the aggregation of large amounts of data to create value and make markets more efficient. He is experienced in both the business and technical aspects of running an internet startup, having successfully founded, run, and sold an online advertising network. Currently working on, which provides the first tool made just for Blogger Outreach.