How to Research Bloggers Before You Pitch Them

In the last post in this series, we discussed Step 1 in the FREPT model: How to find the right bloggers for your blogger outreach campaign.  Step 2 is research.

Your entire blogger outreach campaign is a huge waste of time if don’t research properly.

This is without a doubt, the most important step in the FREPT model!

It’s important to learn everything you can for two reasons:

  1. It helps to identify the right bloggers for your campaign—the bloggers who will actually appreciate your story.
  2. You can make your pitch as personalized as possible.

So what information should you look up?

You don’t necessarily need ALL the following information, but the more you can learn the better.  Here are some questions you want to be able to answer:

  1. What does the blogger write about?   Also, what kinds of posts do they write?  Reviews? Opinion? Lists?
  2. How “professional” is the blogger?  Do they make money? Do they have ads? Have they worked with businesses in the past? (Usually, if the blogger has a more professional approach, they’ll be more receptive to pitches.)
  3. Who is the blogger’s audience?  What are their demographics? (ie. Age, location, sex etc…_)
  4. Are they influential on other social networks?  What is their total reach?

Essentially, you want to figure out if they’re going to care about your story, and what kinds of opportunities do they find valuable?  How can you help them?

So now you need to get the answers.

Here’s where you should look:

  • Recent posts
  • About page
  • Pitch policy (if they have one)
  • Geographical location
  • Social accounts
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
  • Other publications they write for
    1. Frequency of posts
    2. Klout score (Klout is a measurement of someone’s online influence.)
    3. Network—other bloggers they are connected to and communities where they participate
    4. Site analytics—get an idea of their traffic (none of these are terribly accurate)
      • Google page rank
      • Compete score
      • Alexa ranking

    Once you’ve gathered and organized all this information, you should have a good idea of which bloggers you need to focus on for the rest of your campaign.

    Yes it can take a really long time gather this information and organize it into spreadsheets (Or you can use BlogDash, where it’s all done for you).  But trust me, it’s totally worth the time commitment.

    Get to know who you’re pitching before you pitch them.  Understand what they’re looking for, and how you can help them.

    What issues are you facing when researching bloggers?  How can I help?


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