How to Find the Right Bloggers for your Brand

What is the best approach to find the right bloggers for your brand?

All of the bloggers that you find initially may not be the ones you ultimately pitch, but rather a starting point for whom you might want to reach out to later.

You’ll want to find as many bloggers as possible in the targeted niche.  In some niches, you may not be able to find as many.  Either way, this step will allow you to get the big picture of the bloggers in the space, which you can narrow down in the following steps.

Where can you find those bloggers?  It’s not always easy. Some niches have more than others.  Here are some free resources that have been used:

Blog Databases

  • Technorati – provides a technorati ranking as well.  At this point, technorati has become less valuable, with a lot of spammy accounts.
  • BlogCatalog – very community and group focused.
  • Alltop – Alltop will give you a really high level look at the most popular blogs in an area.  Remember though, it’s not always best to reach out to just the most popular blogs.

Twitter Directories

Twitter chats

Twitter chats are organized, scheduled chats on twitter that focus on a specific topic.  You can find twitter chats by searching for their hashtag, and joining in the scheduled chat.  Bloggers are very often also on twitter and might participate in twitter chats, including:


Blogrolls are lists of blogs on a blog, usually found in the sidebar.

These are all great tools, but none of them were made for blogger outreach, so it can be tough to find the bloggers you’ll want to include.  That’s why we built BlogDash.

Another option is to buy a list of bloggers or use a media database.  The bloggers you find won’t be very targeted though, and you’ll probably still have to do most of the research manually.  Lists and traditional PR management tools also tend to be very expensive for the value you’re getting out of it.

What are some other ways you can find bloggers?


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BlogDash Team
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