How Good Content Strategy Can Make Your Blogging Life Much Easier

How Good Content Strategy Can Make Your Blogging Life Much Easier

As a blogger myself, it didn’t take much long to realize the positive impact that a good content strategy can make in my blog. And I’m not only talking about a potential traffic growth –which let’s face it, it is one of the pivotal parts of the game. I’m also –and mostly- referring to my productivity as blogger.

At the beginning of my blogging career, I usually found myself lacking inspiration for creating new posts, which took a toll on my motivation, leading to serious posting inconsistency.

I was obviously missing a big-picture strategy, a creative funnel if you will. That realization became a turning point for me and my blog. Here you guys have the steps that helped me to create my own content strategy:

Step 1: Strength your personal brand
Your blog must be a reflection of who you are, of your values, lifestyle choices, dreams and/or inspirations. Be yourself: Nobody can be better than you at that! Confidence and honesty remain crucial. The more loyal to yourself you are, the stronger your personal brand will be.

Step 2: Define the reader experience
As much as you cannot control what other people may think about your blog, you can certainly analyze your content and overall blog experience from a reader standpoint. Whether your primary goal(s) are to entertain, inform and/or inspire, make sure your content translates into a positive reader experience.

Step 3: Identify -and leverage- your content ‘fortes’
Over time, I realized that my posts about travels were the most successful and also the most fun for me to write. Identify your ‘fortes’. They will help you to strength your personal brand (see Step 1) and define your identity as a blogger.

Step 4: Create post schedules ahead
Instead of working on a ‘post-per-post’ basis, create a bigger picture. A post schedule will do wonders to help you to come up with the right content on a consistent and timely manner.

So, what are your content strategy secrets? I’d love to hear!

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