4 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Reaching a Blogger

So you’ve searched and researched.  Now, if you want to increase your chances of finding success in your blogger outreach campaign, you should begin to engage with the bloggers that you found.

By engaging with bloggers before you pitch them, you’ll increase your chances that they’ll recognize you and respond to your message.

How much and how long you should actually engage with a blogger depends on the blogger.

The more professional bloggers are comparable to traditional journalists.  They’re on the lookout for great stories and opportunities, so they will be receptive to a pitch assuming it’s targeted and personalized.  In this instance, engaging is less important.

Many bloggers aren’t so professionally minded.  Their blog is personal…it’s their baby and they’ll only let certain people in if they know and trust them.  Engaging first is most important with these kinds of bloggers.

How can you engage with them?

1. Comment on their blog posts

Especially posts that are relevant to your story, without coming across as “pitchy.”  Make sure you’re contributing sincere, comfortable and valuable comments.  You want them to remember your name more than your company, so that they recognize you when you pitch them.

2. Reply to their tweets, and ReTweet their links

Replying is most important action on twitter.  Same as in blog comments, you want them to remember your name so that when you reach out to them, they recognize you.

Replying is more important than retweeting.  Bloggers, especially popular ones, tend to glaze over ReTweets.

If you comment on a post and then share the link with their twitter name in there, you’ll stand a better chance of getting their attention.

3. Email them

You don’t have to wait until you pitch to make the first email contact.  Send them a message to share your thoughts on their latest blog post.  Ask them a question.

Email can be a great way to build an initial relationship.  Then, when you actually want to pitch them, you have the option of replying to the existing email thread.

4. Involve them in your project from the start

If you’re building a new tool, conduct market research by interviewing bloggers.  Get them involved in the building process so they feel like they own a part of it.

You can also ask them for a quote that you want to include in a blog post.  Or even do a full interview with them on your blog.  Most bloggers are really receptive to doing interviews.

This will help you get their support early on, without asking for too much.

With BlogDash, you can create lists of bloggers, and respond to their tweets and blog posts right there.

What have you done to engage with bloggers before pitching them?


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BlogDash Team
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