Tips for Beginners: Making your Blog Successful

Tips for Beginners: Making your Blog Successful
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Hi everybody! We are already into our 128th week of round-ups! This one’s dedicated to all the beginners out there who are either thinking of starting a blog or have just begun.  Are you asking yourself questions such as “How do I start?” or “How can I be sure my blog will succeed?”

Well, you are in luck! We have gathered a few articles that will provide tips and tricks on how to choose an interesting blog topic, drive traffic and make it successful.


1.     This article written by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus entitled How to Start a Successful Blog Today gives you a great introduction on why and why not you should be blogging. If you have already started, take a look and see whether you are blogging for the right reasons.

2.     In this straightforward article, Heidi Cohen explains the 7 Elements Every Blog Needs To Succeed. It also includes questions one should ask themselves that provide clarity into the why’s and how’s of getting started.

3.     This must-read describes creative ways to increase click-throughs to your blog, ultimately drawing more eyeballs and making it more successful.   5 Creative Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts by Kimberly Reynolds shows you how to use Vine, Instagram and SlideShare (just to name a few) to create more engagement.



These are the articles we wanted to share with you this week.  Enjoy reading them, learn from the authors experiences and share your thoughts.

Photo Credit: Piermario

If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email me at tania[at] .

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