5 Ways to Find Blogging Business Opportunities

5 Ways to Find Blogging Business Opportunities

As a blogger, have you ever wondered how you can get more blogging opportunities? Do you find it very difficult or impossible to be selected for blogging projects?

Finding blogging opportunities is not hard at all. In some cases, it’s very easy if you already have some things set in place. There are lots of blogging opportunities available across the web, and especially here on our site. Some of the reasons why many bloggers find it difficult to locate opportunities is because they don’t always know where to look, or how to seek out different projects.

Let’s look at a few things you can do to make sure you stand out and get noticed as a blogger:

  1. Website: Give prospective clients  a map to find you: your blog site. Establish a basic blog site, if nothing else, and take all opportunities to post something there. Clients need a way to locate you to reach you, and having a site is a professional way to go. A basic blog site would include an about page, contact page, a place for you to list your skills and experience and a blog page. You can build from this, but start with the foundation and go from there.
  2. About Page: When you set up your site, make sure you are clear on your about page about the experience you have, blogs you’ve written and your skills set. Clients won’t take the time to pitch to you if your page is vague or not clear on the type of blogging you’re able to offer. Make it clear what you’re interested in being pitched about and you’re more likely to get favorable assignments.
  3. Events: Attend local events in your area of focus. Pass out business cards and shake hands. Businesses there are always looking for bloggers to write about them or to partner with so make sure you get noticed and leave an impression with people.
  4. Network: Ask your blogger friends about any available assignments or projects. Tell them you’re available for blogging work and to point you in the direction of any work they come across. Keep your name in front of people (a.k.a. decision makers) so that your name is likely the first one they come across when they’re looking for a blogger.
  5. Ask: This is so simple, yet so under-utilized. If you want to find a blogging project, simply ask. Before waiting to be pitched TO, do some pitching yourself. Send emails to some of your company contacts and ask if they have any professional blogging needs. Offer to do guest posts to show off your blogging talents. Post to your social networks that you’re available for work.

Once you start using different methods to find blogging opportunities, you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long to do it!

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