The Power Of Reposting In Social Media. Don’t Miss Out!

The Power Of Reposting In Social Media. Don’t Miss Out!

When it comes to promote your brand and boost your site’s traffic, blogs and social media go hand-in-hand, no question about it.

We bet you are sharing your blog posts across your social media accounts on a timely manner, right? But, how many times are you sharing each post? Let me tell you guys, if the answer to this question is ‘just one’, you are missing out big time.

It’s been proved that reposting the same content in social media at least tree times within a 24-hour-window helps to improve reach, and consequentially traffic.

Another major point to take into consideration is the different time zones: If you are blogging from Europe, you might want to post in the morning –European time- but also, try to repost six hours later to reach readers on the East Coast of the USA and at least three hours after that time, to reach readers on the West Coast. And don’t forget Asia or Australia.

You should also think about your new followers. Sharing posts from a few months back could be great for them.

It’s pivotal to get creative with the caption of the post, especially when you are reposting. A new and creative caption can certainly bring a whole new flavor to the post. Take your time to come up with the catchiest and appropriate one.

So, we’re curious…How many times you guys report your content?

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