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New to blogging? Do not proceed until you use these helpful blogging tools

dont go blogging without theses tools

Initially, when a writer has the impression that blogging is going to be child’s play compared to other tasks, they find themselves repeating the same line that Thorin Oakenshield said to Bilbo Baggins in ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’: Thanks to the digital age blogging has evolved and while it might seem like a complicated task, there are several blogging ... Read More »

Business to Business Content Marketing for Humans

It’s really interesting the things that you think are working as they should, but sometimes those same things will make you stop and really think. I ran across a short but interesting post this morning that talked about how businesses market to other businesses and how that idea is overused. Instead of marketing to “businesses” as we are taught to do, maybe ... Read More »

Blogdash Around the Web

We’re currently on a roundup to attract bloggers to our site for upcoming campaigns. If you’re a blogger and you’re interested in working with our campaigns, take a look at some of these links to get an idea of what other bloggers and marketers think about our services: Using Blogdash’s services from Withy Windle Nature Reasons You Should Choose to Work ... Read More »

Guide to Legally Find Pictures for Your Blog

A picture can draw the reader in. It provides visual stimulation that can lead into your content. It can serve as a visual representation of the topic. Overall, it just provides a more enjoyable reading experience.   The tricky part is finding pictures that you”re legally allowed to use in a blog post. There are legal restrictions on pretty much every ... Read More »