What Skills Are Required of Bloggers?

What Skills Are Required of Bloggers?

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I spoke to a blogger last night that told me about some of the issues they faced when getting pitched by businesses.

The business pitched them, sent them their product, but the never told them what they actually wanted them to do!

When you reach out to a blogger, are you making it clear what you want?

Do you want them to review the product?

Do you want them to tweet about it?

Is there an interesting story in which the product could be included?

Do you want them to write a list that includes the product in it?

Do you want the blogger to come to an event?

Do you want the blogger to encourage readers to buy the product?

Can they get affiliate fees?

What do you want the blogger to do?!

So often, businesses just pitch bloggers in the hopes that they’ll do something…ANYTHING to help the business.

Give them a clear goal.  Give them a direction. Explain what you hope to accomplish and how they can help you accomplish it.

Remember though, the value to the blogger is more important than the value they can bring to you.

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