So, Why Do We Write ?

So, Why Do We Write ?

The easiest answer is because we can 🙂 …

In fact there are numerous reasons why people write:

– To be known

– As a hobby

– For money

– For passion

There are still people who write only for themselves and people who write without knowing exactly why.

Whatever the reason (or reasons) that leads us to write, every writer (and it does not matter the literary genre) has its style:

Some writers write a lot, others very little, others quickly, others slowly, some prefer to write in the morning, others at night, some at home, others at the cafe and so on – There is no real limit.

Whatever the motivation, whatever the style, writing is always a solitary act.I write mainly for passion and started writing in my head long before I knew the alphabet …

And you, as a reader of this post, what are your motivations for writing?

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