Let The ROI Do The Talking: Ad Words Vs. Blogging

Let The ROI Do The Talking: Ad Words Vs. Blogging

When it comes to gaining visibility for our brand, site or company, there are now tons of tactics and vehicles out there to get that done. Now, when it comes to trying to get the most out of our ad spending, we usually get caught on the low CPC rates provided by Ad Words and the likes.

As it turns out, the power of blogging is constantly challenging the ROIs effectiveness of low CPCs campaigns. Think about it: in a CPC campaign, we’re pretty much buying clicks. The clicks will certainly happen, no question about it. But once the budget is done, the campaign is gone.

Now when investing on a really good blog post, featuring real valuable and sharable content, the viral nature of blogging and social media, can take the reach of your message to unthinkable highs. Sky is the limit, literally. Also, it doesn’t have an expiration date. The post will be live on the Internet for as long as you want, being available for people to read and share it in social media.

So when it comes to it, and from a ROI standpoint, a one-time investment of $150 for a good post, can become much more effective than a $500 Ad Words campaign.

Next time you plan your communications campaign tactics, don’t forget to include blogging. Really. Blogging budget goes a long way. Just think on the lifetime and sharing value of a good post, written by a real influential blogger. Priceless.

Seeing is believing!

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