10 Ways to Build a Relationship With a Blogger

10 Ways to Build a Relationship With a Blogger

1) Comment on their posts

2) Invite them to guest post for you

3) Interview them

4) Meet them at events

5) Email them with questions/comments

6) Invite them to an event

7) Connect with them on twitter or facebook.

8) Reply to their comments on other blogs. Find their profile page on disqus or other comment systems, and reply to their comments.

9) Write a blog post about them

10) Meet up in person

Post to Twitter Post to Facebook

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BlogDash Team
Marc Duquette is a web entrepreneur with a core skillset in advertising, SaaS and Influence marketing. He is particularly interested in the aggregation of large amounts of data to create value and make markets more efficient. He is experienced in both the business and technical aspects of running an internet startup, having successfully founded, run, and sold an online advertising network. Currently working on Blogdash.com, which provides the first tool made just for Blogger Outreach.