Your Pitch Validates a Blogger’s Status

Your Pitch Validates a Blogger’s Status

When sending a good pitch to a blogger it’s not only about making sure you’ll get a good response rate as your request is relevant, that also proves that you acknowledge the bloggers’ value and importance for your outreach campaign. Bloggers feel offended when they receive a bad pitch mainly because they feel that the PR and Marketing pros don’t pay attention to what they do. Many of them write out of passion and put a lot of energy in it.

Making bloggers feel that they are not sending the right message to their audience or that you don’t care enough about what they do in order to read their blog and then send a customized pitch is not a good option if you want your blogger outreach campaign to be successful. Upsetting bloggers is not a thing you want to do, especially in this new media age when one’s opinion is enough to go viral and damage a brand’s image, so we invite you to read the articles we chose for our 89th roundup in order to refine your blogger outreach skills.

  1. We begin our roundup with a pretty impressive collection of tips on how to improve your blogger outreach activities coming from the guys from Pushing Social. Check out 21 Better Ways to Do Blogger Outreach and start learning!
  2. Kris Cain’s down to earth approach will certainly make you see bloggers and their efforts in a new light and better understand why it’s so important to treat them with respect and consideration, as equals partners not as some kind of tools a brand could benefit from. She has so many interesting suggestions to share that there’s also a part two of the article we invite you to read: Tips For Companies & PR Doing Blogger Outreach.
  3. The way people interact with brands has changed a lot lately and as the article from Sentiment Metrics, The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogger Outreach states traditional marketing strategies’ days are long gone. Today the secret lies in earning the media, not just paying for it.
  4. Our last choice goes for Alex Debelov and his great article 6 Tips To Get Your Startup Covered By Any Blog. As the first part of a brand’s or organization’s life cycle is one of the trickiest ones earning enough media coverage is often vital. The importance of a blogger outreach campaign is not to be neglected at this phase and Alex lays out some really useful advice on it.


That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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