The secrets of successful blogger outreach

Knowing how to engage with online influencers is crucial for your brand. Done right, positive results won’t hesitate to come. In our 71st weekly roundup we’re focusing on a nice topic: How to perform blogger outreach the right way!

For this week, we thought it would be interesting to share with you some useful tips on blogger outreach campaigns. Here are this week’s most interesting blogger outreach posts:

  1. Katie Fincham’s post Top 5 most common blogger outreach mistakes and how to avoid them is sharing with us some common mistakes that some brand advocates commit when undertaking a blogger outreach campaign. Even if some of the mistakes presented in this article might seem pretty obvious, pay attention to Katie’s advice and learn from her experience to get the most value for your blogger outreach campaign.
  2. Second this week comes Nicola Balkind from Forth Metrics. Adapt or Die: Tips for Blogger Outreach starts with a brief presentation of blogger outreach campaign benefits and continues with some interesting statistics about the bloggers’ influence over consumers. If you wonder how you can transform online influencers into your brand ambassadors check out Nicola’s post.
  3. How Oxygenics Used Blogger Outreach to Win Nearly 9,000 Facebook Fans in 90 Days by Marissa McNaughton presents a nice example of driving online traffic and getting potential consumers through a Facebook fan page. Check out Oxygenics’ brilliant campaign created to connect with bloggers, promoting their contest and their brand and learn from their strategy.
  4. Danny Brown from WNW Design is our final pick this week, with the article If You Want to Pitch A Blogger Successfully, DON’T Do This. His post is a close analysis of an uninspired blogger outreach message sent to him. Read Danny’s post and learn from his advice.


That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.


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