The Perfect Love Letter

The Perfect Love Letter

We guess that the amount of red hearts shared around gave you at least a clue that today we’re celebrating the romantic Valentine’s Day.  This day works as a little reminder to cherish our loved ones, the relationships we are a part of and makes us all a little bit more joyful.

We got caught up a little bit in this festive mood and searched for the best advice to help temper one well known love & hate relationship, the one between bloggers and PR pros. We do think that writing the perfect pitch is as hard as writing the perfect love letter. You must show that you care enough, but without going overboard as you might get rejected.

Actually, no matter what you’ll write no pitch and no love letter will ever be perfect.The good thing is that when you try to win someone over there’s no need for perfection, you just need to be interesting enough. Check out what other tips we have to share with you for our 107th roundup!

  1. Blogger outreach and guest posting are a great way to promote your brand online and reach new audiences. We think you totally agree with that so why not check out Daryal Begley’s article A beginners guide to starting your own blogger outreach campaign.
  2. Always ask or feedback from bloggers, no matter what they answer to your pitch. It will help you improve your future outreach campaigns. Learn more about this from Paul: 7 simple tips for improving your outreach efforts.
  3. Rachel Hurley shared with us 5 of the best ways to make connecting with bloggers a much simpler and more efficient process. Read all about them here: Top 5 Blogger Outreach Tactics.
  4. Done well, blogger outreach can be one of the best ways to build links. Done badly, well… Martin tells it better in his article How not to do blogger outreach.


That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.


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