The do’s and don’ts of blogger outreach

The do’s and don’ts of blogger outreach

Hey all and welcome to the very special 69th round-up. This week we’re not getting high on our laurels. Instead we’re bringing you the finest blogger outreach how to’s from around the blogosphere. So sit back, relax and enjoy the wisdom:

1. How to speak blogger comes to us from Thomas Hynes, at PR Week. Apparently “about 100,000 blogs are created every 24 hours. Now, most of those blogs will be about people’s cats. But, a fair share of those will influence the conversation about brands.“ So take a moment to read what Thomas’s advice is for filtering through the noise, getting to the bloggers you need and actively engage them.

2. How to Pitch Your Local Food Writer is brought to our knowledge by Abbi Whitaker. I’m betting most of us love our food and our food bloggers. This is a tightly knit community and getting to one of the influencers and sounding real is a bit of a challenge. Read this article for some important do’s and don’ts.

3. How to pitch bloggers and gain free exposure is a new article from Creative Boom’s Kathy Cowan. First of all, I can’t help but wonder how many people call her Conan. Awesome name, Kathy! Second of all, she reminds us once again of the benefits of contacting bloggers and implementing effective blogger outreach campaigns. Sadly, it’s not something most companies are aware of, so do read on. There are also some pretty great how to’s in there.

4. Okay, I Sent my Pitch off! Crossing my Fingers! Uh, Now What? – the brilliance of this comes from Jena Coray. There’s a whole lot of planning involved before contacting bloggers: who to write to, what to offer, what to ask for, what to expect… But what happens after this is all done and the bloggers are all contacted. Do you sit idly or is there something more you can do? Check out her guest post to learn more.

5. Not-for-Bedtime Blogger Outreach Horror Stories brings you the reality of blogger outreach campaigns gone bad. Yes folks, this can happen! Try to mass email a bunch of bloggers without any consideration for their blogs? A whole lot of bad can happen to your brand. So don’t take blogger outreach lightly, as it can easily backfire. Read the article to see what mistakes you should be avoiding.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post! We had some pretty good material to work with. See you all next week!

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