Smart Ways to Improve Your Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Smart Ways to Improve Your Blogger Outreach Campaigns

As engaging with bloggers means to form true relationships, marketing and PR professionals are still struggling to find the perfect balance between that personal approach and numbers. Fortunately, every week we find bloggers from both sides passionate enough about this topic to share their thoughts on how blogger outreach can be improved.

Their advice is the proof that engaging with bloggers for promoting a brand, product or service is not simply a trade between two parties, but a powerful business partnership.

Let’s take a look at the great articles we chose for our 103rd roundup and learn how to become better at engaging with online influencers.

  1. The title of this week’s first article just speaks for itself: The six universal principles of relationship building for outreach. Check out Kelsey Libert’s insights and don’t forget that relationship building is the foundation of successful blogger outreach.
  2. We don’t know for sure if there’s any secret recipe in order to manage successful outreach campaigns, but we know for sure that Kevin Phelps shares some smart ideas about guest blogging pitches in his article: The Secret of Successful Blogger Outreach.
  3. Third this week is Kristen Matthews’ post: 10 Steps to an Epic Blogger Outreach Campaign who surprised us with a different approach upon the purpose of blogger outreach.
  4. We end our roundup with a great article coming from Elizabeth Sosnow who grabbed our attention with the following statement: “public relations professionals don’t seem to be very good at blogger relations”. Check out You Are Doing it Wrong: Why PR Pros Still Struggle with Blogger Outreach & 9 Ways to Improve.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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