Sharing Experiences, not Advertising Chatter

Sharing Experiences, not Advertising Chatter

Bloggers and influencers had earned their so important place in increasing brands” visibility thanks to the shift that happened in the way people are making their buying decisions. Target audiences are grouped in communities based on shared interests and values, sharing experiences they had with different brands, products and services.

People are buying based on those shared experiences, so monitoring and getting involved in the online conversation is one of the best marketing tactics nowadays. To best leverage the benefits communities have to offer you must be able to engage with influencers and bloggers in order to bring their attention closer to your brand. Related to this, we invite you to take a look to some interesting advice we found for our 119th roundup:

  1. Learn more about the right way of connecting with bloggers in order to viralize content from J-P De Clerck and his article: Blogger outreach and viral content: 100 visitors and an infographic.
  2. Sharing brand stories is a must nowadays and one of the most important skills you must achieve is knowing how to direct your outreach efforts to the ones that are truly influencial in you niche. Check out an interesting piece from the guys from Social Media Today: .
  3. There’s plenty of buzz around the importance of online influencers, but the most important thing is to understand how this people become influencers, how the consumers behaviour is changing accordingly to this new generation of digitally wired people. One of the most insightful articles found this week comes from Brian Solis: New Digital Influencers: The Coming Youthquake.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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