Pitching your Way to the Bloggers’ Hearts

Pitching your Way to the Bloggers’ Hearts

Although any of the steps involved in the outreach process are equally important, the amount of critiques, advice and chatter revolves around the pitch. PR professionals are trying to find the perfect balance between keeping it short and personal, but giving enough information, so the blogger can understand what the opportunity is about. Bloggers are usually complaining that the majority of pitches are poorly written, lack the personal touch and give no relevant information.

What’s to keep in mind is that the success of the pitch does not always rely on itself. Of course, it is extremely important to be well written, to address the bloggers in a friendly, yet professional manner, but if the targeting and research part are poorly handled the pitch loses its relevance. Be sure that nothing dooms a pitch as bad as the lack of relevance does.

Check out our 116th roundup for some great articles that can teach you what to aspects should be considered in order to improve your pitch to bloggers:

  1. Everyone that had to deal at least once with an outreach campaign had to deal with lack of responses and feedback for a campaign.  Dave Clark helps us find solutions when we face that situation in his article: What to Do When No One Responds to Your Pitch Emails.
  2. Bloggers’ inboxes are usually very crowded and most of them read pitches in a glimpse. Their eye is already trained to imediately spot those expressions that make them hit the ‚delete’ button. Wanna know which are those words and phrases that will doom your pitch? Read Russell Working article: 20 words and phrases that will doom your pitch.
  3. Look before you pitch! The simplest and most valuable advice possible related to blogger outreach. Don’t ever forget about how important it is to be relevant to those influencers you want to engage in your campaign. It’s a waste of time and effort on both side to pitch bloggers that have nothing to do with your opportunity. Beth Benner gives us some tips on how to be efficient in targeting influencers in her piece: 3 Ways to Micro-Target Your PR Pitches

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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