Pitching Bloggers: Love At First Sight

Pitching Bloggers: Love At First Sight

Yes, that’s right! When pitching bloggers you must make them love you from the first time you contact them, otherwise you may not get another chance. In order for that to happen you must use some charming tricks, but respect some ground rules at the same time.

Welcome to our 80th week of roundup articles, enjoy reading!

  1. Courtney Bishop has a very interesting approach on blogger outreach. Her article The Five Stages of Blogger Outreach: Stage One – Attraction accurately describes exactly what happens, what should happen and how to charm bloggers when trying to make the first move in establishing a relationship with them.
  2. That the secret lays in your initial approach is a fact highlighted by Joanne Price too. Read her article in order to find out what must be done for Increasing Conversion from Blogger Outreach (with Hats!).
  3. Setting expectations and building the foundation for successful blogger outreach tracking are also things that must be done in the early stages of the outreaching process. Brett’s article Blogger Outreach: Building the Foundation for Successful Tracking will help you make sure you can properly manage all components of your strategy.
  4. If you decided to make the first steps in guest posting you must read Missy Diaz’s article: How To Pitch Your Guest Post Idea: 3 Examples. Her advice will surely get your ideas posted.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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