How to Successfully Pitch Bloggers

How to Successfully Pitch Bloggers

Hello to you all and welcome to our very special 75th roundup. For this week we focused mainly on how to pitch bloggers the right way. Besides that we’ve also found a couple of interesting resources regarding how to use Pinterest to engage with online influencers and a nice blogger outreach campaign coming from McDonald’s.

Therefore sit back and relax for this week’s top 5 articles:

  1. How to Pitch to Bloggers is our first pick. Bonnie Forkner, the author of Going Home to Roost, shares with us some valuable advice on how to pitch bloggers in order to get your product featured on their publication. For those who consider themselves to be talented artisans and want to promote their products, Bonnie ‘s article is a goldmine!
  2. The second article we came across is Authors: How to Pitch Your Book to Bloggers. Leeswammes’ Blog creates on the spot an inspiring author pitch, sprinkled with helpful tips and tricks. Check out Judith’s article and learn why attaching the e-book to your email isn’t advisable.
  3. Mustafa Khundmiri from Performance Marketing Insider has some interesting thoughts on The Right Way to Pitch a Guest Post. By highlighting the difference between good guest posts and getting them accepted, the author explains step by step what you need to do to get your guest post published on top blogs.
  4. Our fourth choice for this week is James Gurd’s article How to use Pinterest for link building and blogger outreach. His article provides a thorough analysis of how to make good use of this social platform for link building and finding relevant influencers to build relationships with.
  5. Last, but not least comes Pete Wood’s blogger outreach campaign example: McDonald’s bites back by hiring 400 bloggers. Check out how McDonald’s provides access to information about its products and charitable efforts to its online community and learn from their campaign.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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