How to engage online influencers

How to engage online influencers

Welcome to the 70th week of round-up articles. For this week, we’d like to share with you some useful tips on how to pitch bloggers successfully. Working with bloggers can be fun and much easier when, instead of approaching them using automated and impersonal email correspondences, you build a strong relationship.

Having this in mind we’re delighted to present you with this week’s posts:

  1. Our first choice is Christopher Ondertsall from Fleishman-Hillard. Bloggers speak out on how PR’s stack up shows how PR pros should engage with bloggers in order to create authentic relationships. Read Christopher Ondertsall ‘s article and discover how influential bloggers prefer to deal with PR companies and their pitches.
  2. The second article we came across is How Not to Pitch Bloggers (A message to my fellow PR practitioners.). Bree Glenn, an active mommy-blogger offers a comprehensive insight into how to pitch bloggers for companies that have products or services that they feel would be of interest to bloggers. Check out Bree’s advice and learn from her PR experience.
  3. Our third choice for this week is Robyn Tippins from SleepyBlogger. If you are considering promoting your brand using blogger outreach, then Five considerations for successful blogger engagement should provide your with the right information on this topic. You will find this article quite pedagogical as each tip is accompanied by a Case Study presenting how Best British Bloggers Agency dealt with different customers.
  4. Finally, for the ones who want to learn how to follow up a blogger we have Christina Joness article How to Follow Up With a Blogger (Without Being Annoying!). It’s a great article that will make you understand better how not to approach your targeted influencers.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup! We had some pretty interesting material to share with. Enjoy reading them, learn from the authors experiences and share your thoughts.

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