How to become influential using blogger outreach

How to become influential using blogger outreach

Nowadays blogs play an important role in influencing consumers/costumers in buying products. People are trusting blog advertisement more and more everyday then other social networks or media sites..

Here is our 117th week of roundup articles. We hope the articles we’ve chosen will help you become a more influencer blogger!


  1. First this week is Stephanie Frasco from Socialmedia Today with 4 interesting rules  about how to become a more influential blogger. Remember, that social media is about building relationships.
  2. Our second choice Chris Smith about The Importance of Reputation for Blogger Outreach . Guest posting as an SEO tactic, as you may well know, has been getting a bit of a battering recently.
  3. The 3rd article, some very good advice about blogger outreach you will find on Makes & Breaks Of Influencer & Blogger Outreach
  4. “For some marketers and PR types, finding one’s way around the blogosphere is probably a bit like an outsider trying to carve a route across central Edinburgh through the various tramworks-induced traffic diversions.” Read more about it on our last choice for this week article:  How to get your blogger outreach buzzing


That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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