Great Blogger Outreach Campaigns Require Out of the Box Strategies

Great Blogger Outreach Campaigns Require Out of the Box Strategies

Hello everyone and welcome to our 120th roundup article! This week we’ll be discussing about a quite old, yet still actual question: “What do we have to do in order to perform a great blogger outreach campaign?” It became a critical problem to successfully be able to move further than the pitch stage, on the occasions when we want to build brand images by using positive and friendly recommendations from bloggers.

Blogger outreach is commonly approached with traditional methods and people don’t try to conceive an “out of the box” strategy. Nowadays, the marketing industry should be defined by creativity, as the market’s response rate to traditional outreaches is dropping. This is why professionals in the field need to rethink traditional marketing strategies and to create long term relationships for better results.

As always, it’s our pleasure to share with you some helpful resources we stumbled upon surfing the web:

  • Learn how to identify the digital influencers in your industry by using a great guide offered by Anna Morrish in her article How to Target Digital Influencers. Try to forget the traditional PR model, get creative and make them get engaged in your campaigns.
  • Try viewing things from the blogger’s perspective and think about how a blogger reviews your message and what expectations has by reading Dan Dunlop’s insightful material: Pitching Bloggers: The Blogger’s Perspective.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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  • apost4

    Great article. Thank you for the mention! I am a huge fan of the Blogdash platform and e-book.

    Adam (Bright Age)

  • Victor

    I am new to the blogdash and quite confuse on how to use from the business point of view it. Have to leave this message on the blog because cannot not do it via website’s members’ area. By some reason, the “Contact Us” link in the footer redirect me to the “Create New Opportunity page”.

    from the business prospective I have questions and I cannot find the answers on your web site:
    1. Do I have update CC info to create opportunity?
    2. After I create an opportunity, do I find bloggers or should I wait when they find my opportunity?
    I have more questions but do not want to bug you on your blog.

    • MarcDuquette

      Hi Victor, Thank you for writing us, we will check to see why the “Contact Us” form doesn’t work properly. Can you please send all your questions to She will give you the best answers!

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