Blogger Outreach Roundup #4

This is week 4 of our already traditional weekly round-up post. Since the past couple of Fridays were Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we took a small vacation, but we’re back. Here are some awesome posts that we found to help you learn your way around blogger outreach:

1. Gareth Owen from Search Engine Watch tells us how blogger outreach campaigns can improve SEO . He explains that the opportunities of SEO are endless and blogger outreach campaigns represent a direction for the market to evolve in the upcoming year.  Some people don’t like the concept of using blogger outreach for SEO, so this is an interesting topic.

2. Eric Groves describes how blogs have become more social in 2010. This year social media integration was key to distribute content in the online world. He also points out that sticking a share badge onto a post is not enough for it to go viral, or get a good audience. The content as usual, is key. This is something bloggers, especially the ones involved in campaigns for different products, should keep in mind. Try to pass on advertorials and engage more in realistic product reviews.

3. Georgina Elrington writes an interesting post about something she calls Anti Social Blogger Outreach. She divides all bloggers in two simple categories: the ones who like to hear from you and the ones who do not. Either way, you should take the time to find out which is which before launching a blogger outreach campaign. There is no way getting around this one, you have to do the research.

4. Another interesting article comes from Absem. The post gives you a few important and useful tips on how to maximize blogger outreach for brand campaigns. The tips include an idea of how not to do it and how to know your blogger.

That’s it for this year’s first round-up. Hope you found the articles useful and you’ll come back next week for some more good reading. Have a great 2001!

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