Blogger Outreach Roundup #7

Blogger Outreach Roundup #7

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Welcome to our 7th weekly round-up.  This week was indeed a “lucky # 7” for us, as the blogosphere shared with us a lot of useful and interesting tips about doing blogger outreach the right way.

Blogger Outreach Roundup #7

Most of the bloggers we found focused their attention on PR related issues when developing a blogger outreach campaign. For those of you that are PR/Social media specialists and are planning to do a blogger outreach campaign, this article might prove useful in more than one way.

So here are this week’s posts:

1. Neil Glassman – The first article that we would like to share with you is PR Hint: Blogger Outreach Still Works. Neil Glassman answers to an important question that, we think, everyone asked at least once: “Are blogs worth the time and attention of harried public relations and marketing professionals if they’re being washed over by the wave of faster-paced social platforms that have come to dominate mindshare on the Web?” It seems that Neil has the answer to it and his only safe bet is the fact that bloggers and the blogs will continue to evolve in the future.

2. Laura Coleman – Next in line is Laura Coleman with the The Gold Star Guide to Mummy Blogger Outreach where she is sharing with us the 7 R’s of Mummy Blogger outreach as she is naming them. It’s always good to know what to do when you’re reaching out for bloggers from within a specific niche.

3. Stephanie Schwab – We also found the Blogger Outreach: All About The Follow-Through article, posted by Stephanie Schwab. If you thought that approaching bloggers and pitching them was the only thing you had to do in order to get the results you wanted, well you’d better think again.

4. Chris Pullon – In his Blogger Outreach Q&A article, Chris Pullon answers to a couple of basic questions related to blogger outreach, offering a broad-based vision about what is it all about and how you should manage these types of campaigns.

5. Robin Wauters – This post by Robin Wauters isn’t necessarily a great post, but it’s an important one to read for anyone doing blogger outreach.  Here at BlogDash, we talk a lot about the bad blood that exists between PR and bloggers these days.  This post is a perfect example and it’s exactly the problem we’re trying to fix with BlogDash.  Be aware that when done improperly, blogger outreach efforts can have disastrous results.

6. Erin Everhart – Last, but not least, the team from has a guest post by Erin Everhart. The article Be Nice to Bloggers & They’ll Be Nice to You: How to Build a Blogger Outreach Campaign is part 1 of the series and the main focus is put on the first part of doing a blogger outreach campaign. After reading this article, we must say that we are looking forward for the second part as well.

That’s it for this week. We hope you had as much fun reading the articles as we had rounding them up.

Remember, if you have any questions about blogger outreach…any questions at all, we’re here to help.

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