Blogger Outreach Roundup #3


blogger outreach roundup

Welcome to the 3rd week of our round-up articles that will help you master blogger outreach. This week we bring you top 5 posts about blogger outreach from this week:

  1. Brian McDaniel writes a post about the Ten Commandments of Media Relations. This article will help you manage the task of contacting bloggers and avoiding cases where the situation manages you.
  2. Daniel Huey, at Craft Media Digital writes an article about the basics in a blogger outreach program. This post provides you with a 6-principle guide to keep in mind when conducting official communications through blogs.
  3. In our first week of round-ups, we shared two articles by Arik C. Hanson. Arik always writes great posts, and this week we have another great one to share. His post shares 11 Best Practices to Building an Effective Blogger Outreach Program. Each step comes with an example that can be tested and practiced.
  4. The next post comes from Chris Norton at the Dead Dinosaur. Although it’s short, the article gives great ideas of what to keep in mind when aiming to create the perfect blogger outreach campaign. To top things off, Chris also introduces a graphic representation of what pitches are usually like and who benefits from them.
  5. The last article comes from Darryl Ohrt who writes for the Brandflakes for Breakfast. The post entitled Blogger Outreach Done Really Well is an example of a blogger outreach campaign created and conducted by Ford Motor Company. They produced a series of personalized videos that reach out to individual bloggers, inviting them to the Global Drive event they were hosting.

That’s it for this week Blogger Outreach Roundup 3. We hope you find the articles helpful and come back again next week for more interesting posts. If you know of a good article, or you’ve written an article that you think should be included, email us at

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