Blogger Outreach: Are First Impressions Everything?

Blogger Outreach: Are First Impressions Everything?

Hi everyone and welcome to our 97th week of roundup articles. This week we thought about whether there is place for second chances when it comes to blogger outreach. From our experience we must say that the most probable answer is „no”.

First impressions are very important when approaching a blogger as many of them receive lots of pitches and opportunities every day. It takes just a few moments for bloggers to decide whether your proposition is relevant or not. If they find your pitch inappropriate, they’ll simply delete it, at best you’ll get a reply too and if the pitch is really bad, bloggers usually publish it on their blog just to make an example out of it.

Make sure you’ll find the right approach in order to avoid ending your outreach efforts on a blacklist. In the meanwhile, let’s see what better advice we found this week around the blogosphere:

  1. Our first choice goes to Holly from Liberty Marketing and her article Why Guest Blogs Can be Your Brand’s Best Friend. Check it out to learn how exactly guest blogging can help a brand.
  2. The right approach when contacting a blogger depends on the industry he activates in. Fashion is one of the fields in which bloggers are successfully engaging with wide communities, so be sure you know how to pitch them the right way by reading Jane Hamill’s article How to Pitch Bloggers for a Fashion Product.
  3. Influencer marketing is an increasingly hot topic nowadays. Engaging with influencers in your field it’s a great tactic, but you’ll need to employ some extra resources and knowledge. Connie Sung Moyle provides great advice on how to plan this kind of approach in her article: .
  4. We end this week’s roundup with a classic mix of tips on how to adapt your blogger outreach campaign for different kinds of publications and bloggers. Make sure you’ll check out Maria White’s article Strategies for Blogger Outreach.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy reading the articles, learn from the authors’ experiences and share your thoughts.

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