BlogDash: easier, friendlier and a greater platform for brands and bloggers

We are thrilled to announce you that we recently added some awesome new features to BlogDash to improve the way both brands and bloggers use our service.

For bloggers


BlogDash just became easier, more fun and profitable thanks to our brand new partnership program. You can now create a new revenue stream on top of letting brands know you are open to receiving opportunities! Besides the badge that we recommend implementing above the fold on your publication, you now have a unique affiliate URL which you can find under the ‘Dashboard’ tab on your blogger profile.

Use it to refer others to our platform and we’ll pay you $25 for each PRO business sign-up and $0.10 for each new blogger that registers. Furthermore, for each of the PRO accounts you referred, you’ll get 5% of their payments for life!

To keep track of your progress we also added a Report tab where you’ll be able to see all the earnings the badge and referral link brought you.

For brands


You now have the option of rating a blogger using the Overall Rating feature and the specific filters for his category.

We also added new metrics – for each blogger you’ll be able to see the number of Twitter followers, Facebook likes, their publication rank on Alexa, Compete or Google, their Klout score and much more.

For those of you that have registered for a PRO account, you’ll now have access to new filtering options. Check out the Social filters option to browse for bloggers by the different social networks they have.

We believe these new features will enhance your BlogDash experience both as a business and as a blogger, so I invite you to try them out and let us know what your thoughts are!

Marc Duquette

CEO of BlogDash

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About BlogDash Team

BlogDash Team
Marc Duquette is a web entrepreneur with a core skillset in advertising, SaaS and Influence marketing. He is particularly interested in the aggregation of large amounts of data to create value and make markets more efficient. He is experienced in both the business and technical aspects of running an internet startup, having successfully founded, run, and sold an online advertising network. Currently working on, which provides the first tool made just for Blogger Outreach.