Assignment! Bloggers get to CHOOSE what they blog about!

Assignment! Bloggers get to CHOOSE what they blog about!

As our client base is building at a rapid pace, we will need help from bloggers like you to write about products and brands of your choice!

More specifically, we want to take this opportunity to give you more details on a few of our clients looking to expand their reach:

A SHOPPING SITE: They sell countless products from huge brands in every category possible.. Clinique Cosmetics, Rachael Ray, Jimmy Choo shoes, Fisher-Price, Swarovski Jewelry, Starwood Hotels, Mariott Hotels, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Jessica Simpson Collection.. (just to name a few!) They need bloggers with page ranks of 3 and 4 to write short posts on any product of their choice!

A POPULAR TV SHOW: They are based in Los Angeles and need bloggers to share episodes of the show on social media networks. They discuss topics such as movies, celebrities, tech gadgets, music, current events, etc. The hosts of the show will also pick blogs and tweets to mention on air! They need bloggers with a good Twitter following and you choose the episode you want to share!

A COMPANY THAT SERVICES BUSINESSES: They help small to medium businesses boost their online traffic and acquire more customers. They are currently looking for bloggers to write about kitchen appliances such as Amana and outdoor tools such as Ryobi, Homelite and Echo. An easy assignment as the post can be as long as you wish and of course, you get to choose the brand that fits your blog most!

*If any of these assignments are of interest, feel free to email for more details. you can create your blogger profile right now by going here.


A big thank you from the BlogDash Team.

Photo credit:  Amir Kuckovic

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