A Blogger’s Role in Brand Awareness, ROI and How to Measure It

A Blogger’s Role in Brand Awareness, ROI and How to Measure It

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 126th week of article round-ups! For this week, we wanted to focus on a blogger’s role in brand awareness, the ROI of blogging, and how to measure it. Return on investment (or ROI) is a significant part of business as it can be used to measure the value of a particular investment a company makes. Tracking it and discovering how bloggers can help you achieve your goals are even more important.

Check out these very cool articles worth a look!

 1.  The first article we wanted to share with you is one by Chris Dyson. In his post entitled Building Brands and Links with Blogger Outreach, halks about the impact Penguin has generated and how bloggers can help through their relationships with brands. He goes on to explain that bloggers have an influence that surpasses that of traditional media, because it is more personal.

2.  The second article we think you should definitely get your hands on is by Joyce Grace called The ROI on Blogging – Read this and you Might Just Drop your Adwords Spending. In it she stresses the lifetime value of quality content and how it has long term benefits. A very interesting read, and just as the title states, you may just stop spending money on other tracking tools!

3.  Our final article this week is by Brett Henley called Blogger Outreach: Measuring ROI where he briefly explains what tools you should use to track your performance.


These are the articles we wanted to share with you this week.  Enjoy reading them, learn from the authors experiences and share your thoughts.

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