We Challenge You to Write About Your Passion.. and we’ll Pay You For It!

We Challenge You to Write About Your Passion.. and we’ll Pay You For It!

Hello everyone! Maybe you’ve noticed that it has been a while since we posted our last roundup, but we’ve been busy working on super cool campaigns with a bunch of new clients! In fact, with the overwhelming response of people wanting to work with us, this is where we need your help!


We are looking for quality writers with blogs and blogging experience to help us out. Are you presently blogging about travel, fashion, cooking, finance, photography, politics, technology (just to name a few) and looking for opportunities to promote your talent? Well you are exactly what we are looking for. In other words, we will connect you with the brands you love, and pay you to write posts for them!


Sound like fun? Visit www.blogdash.com to create your profile, and we will contact you with numerous opportunities today! All you gotta do is click on “Get Started” and then “Sign in as blogger” and guess what, its completely FREE! These fun assignments are available only to those part of the BlogDash network, so make sure that you have an active BlogDash profile! By claiming your account, you’ll activate your PR Friendly tag and receive the pitch suited for your publication. Whether you want to make extra cash, gain writing experience or make a change career, join the Blogdash community and see what you’ve been missing!


Photo cred: Geerd-Olaf Freyer

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About BlogDash Team

BlogDash Team
Marc Duquette is a web entrepreneur with a core skillset in advertising, SaaS and Influence marketing. He is particularly interested in the aggregation of large amounts of data to create value and make markets more efficient. He is experienced in both the business and technical aspects of running an internet startup, having successfully founded, run, and sold an online advertising network. Currently working on Blogdash.com, which provides the first tool made just for Blogger Outreach.