BlogDash Updates: The Old and The New

BlogDash Updates: The Old and The New

With the New Year quickly approaching, we couldn’t help but reflect on all the wonderful updates we’ve made to mold BlogDash into what it is today, and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support. Our mission is to spread the word that BlogDash is the first and unique tool to doing Blogger Outreach the right way. We can’t help but think about how many updates were applied throughout the year to make our tool more user friendly for our bloggers, businesses and clients.

What we have done this year:

We made major changes to our design to make it more user-friendly. We tweaked our branding to make individuals understand how BlogDash is a unique platform for Blogger Outreach. Information on the site was updated to enable businesses to make the right decisions for their products.

We have enabled bloggers to participate by adding their posts to the BlogDash blog. We wanted to provide bloggers with yet another way to earn exposure and be known to BlogDash’s clients. Blogger Outreach is all about building relationships and this was our way of giving bloggers a ‘voice.’ Bloggers can submit their posts by visiting this page:

We have added a rate card to sites so businesses can get a better idea of BlogDash’s pricing before contacting support. In addition, our customer service has improved. An online chat has been added to make it easier for our clients to ask for help and get answers in an instant.

Upcoming updates we are extremely excited about in 2015:

There are big changes are on the forefront regarding our user interface. BlogDash’s design will be more clear and easier to navigate for bloggers as well as businesses.

Bloggers will be able to search for open opportunities according to their niche and by using keytags. In previous versions of BlogDash, bloggers were unable to do so. To help improve the BlogDash blogger experience, we will ensure bloggers only receive opportunities they have asked for in their pitch policy (pitch preference) to avoid unwanted spam in their inboxes.

In this New Year, businesses will be able to post their campaigns and allow bloggers to apply as they please. Another interesting update BlogDash has in store is the ability for businesses to search for bloggers using keywords, key phrases, etc.

Last but not least, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of the bloggers and businesses who have become members of the BlogDash community this past year. We will continue to make this tool bigger and better, and we invite you to leave your suggestions on how we can improve even more in the comment section below.

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About BlogDash Team

BlogDash Team
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