Welcome BlogDash to Primetime!

I am so extremely excited to announce that BlogDash is now launched to the public!

That”s right…we are no longer in alpha. My hands are shaking!

I want to thank our amazing alpha testers for doing an outstanding job using the site, finding bugs and giving us feedback.  We couldn”t have created this site without you.

So what does this announcement mean for BlogDash?

We have a new design.  It”s simple, and intuitive.  We think it will make your experience even better.

We added features.  For bloggers, you can now use BlogDash to do the following:

1. Edit your bio. Share a little bit about you, where you are… the basics.

2. Set your pitch preferences. What kinds of opportunities are you open to? Product reviews? Affiliate programs?  You can now let businesses know up front exactly what you expect when being contacted.

3. Your past experience.  Much like how professionals use linkedin, bloggers can now share their past experience working with businesses.  This will allow you to build more credibility as a professional blogger.

4. Get a badge.  When a business wants to pitch you, they”ll usually check out your contact page and your about page (hopefully).  Now you can put a blogdash badge anywhere on your site to let businesses know, if they want to pitch you, they should go to your blogdash profile first.

More features are already being built for Bloggers.  We want to help you establish yourself as a professional, and reduce the amount of spam you get.  It”s all about open communication.

For businesses, they”ll find the following additions:

1. New listing design. Now you can have more information about each blogger up front when using the “Find Bloggers” page.  It makes skimming through results much easier.

2. No pagination. You don”t have to click through a lot of pages when looking for bloggers any more.  Just set your filters, scroll to the bottom, and “see more”.

3. Engagement features. Now when you look at a list in your “Manage Lists” page, you can see all the blog posts and tweets coming out of your list.  You will be able to reply and interact right from the blogdash dashboard.

4. Search through the blog. When looking at a blogger”s full profile, you can now search through their RSS feed by keywords right from the blogdash page.

There is SO much more that we”re adding over the next few weeks that I”m just itching to tell you about, but it will have to be a surprise.  I can tell you that a major priority for us as of now is to improve our search by keyword functionality, and improving the size and quality of our database (which will forever be a priority for us).

You can learn more about our launch on The Next Web, , and more coming quickly.

For those of you who have been with us from the start, THANK YOU so much.  We won”t forget it.  For those of you joining us today on our launch, welcome to the blogdash community.

We want to help you learn about blogger outreach in general, not just our tool. If you ever have any questions about blogger outreach, feedback on BlogDash, or you just want to chat, I want you to email me at david [at] blogdash [dot] com or go to our get satisfaction page here: http://getsatisfaction.com/blogdash.

We started building BlogDash about 4 months ago and it”s been quite a ride leading up to this day.  A lot of sleepless nights for me and my team but we did it.  Thank you to Radu, Mike, Elena, Adrian, Igor, Matilda and everyone else who worked on the site with us.  You guys are amazing.

We all really hope you love BlogDash.  Happy dashing!

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  • Congrats!

    • DavidSpinks

      @Shonali Thank you love. Your cooking inspired it all (=

    • @DavidSpinks Yea yea yea. You’re just saying that so that I don’t demand anything more than burgers and ketchup when YOU have to cook for me. :p

    • DavidSpinks

      @Shonali Seeing as how burgers and ketchup is about the only thing I know how to cook, I’m not sure you’ll have much of a choice! They’ll be the best damn burgers ever though! ^_^

  • modite

    Really impressive, David. I’m looking forward to diving in from both a blogger and a PR standpoint!

    • DavidSpinks

      @modite That’s great. It will be really valuable to get your feedback as someone who can view it from both sides. Let me know if you need anything from my end!

    • @DavidSpinks @modite That’s a very good point… how should people who “do” PR as well as are bloggers sign up, and is there any different in the access that they get?

    • DavidSpinks

      @Shonali @modite You can just create an account for each one. They’re totally different interfaces and accounts.

    • @DavidSpinks @modite Got it, I’ll try that.

  • Comment for Paul Krugman.
    Dear Paul,

    I have communicated with you through your personal email at Princeton, but with no success.
    Kindly reply to this blog as it concerns a very important subject that you are familiar with: Greece.
    I have sent you a message with some views on Consumerism and Consumer related Economics, with specific ideas about Indirect Taxation.

    Kindly let me know if you receive this, so that I can amplify on the subject.

    Ion Livas
    Piraeus GREECE
    Tel: +30-694-158-6552

    • DavidSpinks

      @Ionlivas lmao… is this a joke? I’m going to leave this comment here as an example of the exact problem that we’re trying to solve.

  • Seems like great tool, can’t wait to see how it works.

    • DavidSpinks

      @masonictraveler Thank you very much! Excited to get your feedback.

  • Mommycosm

    This is exactly what bloggers and PR folk need. Wish you all the best! Off to work on my profile now 🙂

  • Interesting. Hmmmm. Thinking. Hmmm.

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BlogDash Team
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