Now You Can Search for Bloggers by Location…and More!

Since our launch in February one of the most requested features was a location filter.  Businesses want to be able to find bloggers based on their location.

Now you can!

Choose a country, state, and/or city.  We’ll show you the bloggers who are there.

We’ve been working continuously on updating and upgrading BlogDash for a better user experience. We’d like to thank you for your feedback, it’s been so helpful in showing us what’s important to you and what we should build next.

Location isn’t all we’ve done… In March we’ve added to BlogDash :

  • New engagement features that let you read blog posts and tweets coming out of your list and respond to them right from blogdash.
  • A new ebook – We don’t just give you the tools to get in touch with your targeted bloggers. We’ll also help you do your outreach out the right way.
  • New badges for bloggers.
  • Countless bug fixes and user interface tweaks to make your overall experience better.

The BlogDash platform has been steadily growing both in terms of our product and memberships.  Our main focus remains offering you the best user experience and highest quality data with BlogDash. We want it to be ridiculously easy to use.

There are so many more features and updates on the way.  We’ll keep you updated here on the blog as they’re added.

If you’d like to learn more about BlogDash or blogger outreach in general, email david at any time.

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About BlogDash Team

BlogDash Team
Marc Duquette is a web entrepreneur with a core skillset in advertising, SaaS and Influence marketing. He is particularly interested in the aggregation of large amounts of data to create value and make markets more efficient. He is experienced in both the business and technical aspects of running an internet startup, having successfully founded, run, and sold an online advertising network. Currently working on, which provides the first tool made just for Blogger Outreach.