11 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

11 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

If you’re a well-loved blogger, there’s a good chance that your readers would like to show their support. Give them what they want and make money by taking advantage of merchandising opportunities.

  1. Self-Published Books: If your readers like your content, they may want to have something they can own offline or even share with friends. Create a book with self-publishing services like Lulu, and you’ll earn profits even without a huge book deal.
  2. Subscription Content: Create a monthly subscription service with cleanly organized content that can be accessed both online and offline. You can take things a step further and sell subscriptions for future updates to the system.
  3. Paid Content: Paid content is a good monetization method for bloggers that regularly offer useful information — especially if this information helps others make money. As with all monetization methods, it’s all in the approach. Don’t create misleading previews of content that requires a membership to read in full. Rather, devote special sections of premium content to readers who are willing to pay for the information.
  4. E-Books: Whether it’s a compilation of your best tips or a new idea altogether, an e-book is a good, reader-friendly way to package content.
  5. White Papers: Like e-books, white papers are a smaller, more technical version of your content.
  6. Phone Calls: Sell one-on-one phone calls for advice and other consulting services.
  7. Miniguides: If you’ve just run a particularly helpful series, package it up into a miniguide.
  8. Tutorials: Gather your knowledge and compile it into a tutorial that relies upon your expert advice.
  9. Members-Only Sections: Whether you’re providing access to published items or just ad-free content, make sure you’re delivering a product that your readers are willing to pay for.
  10. Podcasts: Podcasts may be a novelty to your readers, and many of them are probably willing to pay to be able to hear your entries on the go.
  11. Videos: Like podcasts, videos are value-added extras that readers may be willing to pay for.

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