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User-Friendly Presentation Apps for the Not-so-creative Startup Entrepreneur

Presentation Apps for Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs play an important role in the society. They help drive economies. They create jobs. They think of amazingly successful business enterprises that no one has thought of before. They are geniuses and highly creative in their own field of endeavors. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are capable of making effective presentation materials. They have all the ideas but they could ... Read More »

BlogDash Platform and Services

BlogDash Platform and Services

Here at BlogDash, we are constantly tweaking and making changes to our platform to make it the most efficient and user-friendly software tool available online. We’ve worked and continue to work hard to make BlogDash the best platform for connecting businesses and bloggers because we want all of our users to be able to make the most of their time ... Read More »

How to Submit a Guest Post to BlogDash

How to submit a Guest Post to BlogDash

We’re always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and unique voices and we’re thrilled that you’re interested in collaborating with us on our blog to share your knowledge and bring more tips to our community. Thank you! Read on for an overview of what we’re looking for and how you can successfully submit guest posts to our blog. And don’t ... Read More »

How to get paid through BlogDash

get paid through BlogDash

If you’re reading this post, we’re guessing you’ve become a member of our blogger community, have received some blogging opportunities, and you want to participate. If you are not a member of BlogDash yet, we invite you to create a free blogger account so you can start getting blogging business opportunities. If you’ve received a pitch but aren’t sure about ... Read More »

How to Respond to an Opportunity

respond to an opportunity

How to Respond to an Opportunity through BlogDash BlogDash is a Blogger Outreach Platform for bloggers who accept business blogging opportunities. If you’ve created a blogger account in BlogDash and become a member of our community, you may receive pitches from businesses that want you to participate in their blogger outreach campaigns. In this article, you will find out on ... Read More »