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Paid Blogging Opportunity for Technology/Software Bloggers

Technology/Software Bloggers

Technology/Software Bloggers Dear bloggers, Thank you for being part of BlogDash’s Bloggers community. If you are in the field of technology/software and are familiar with any of thoese topics, this campaign may interest you. Requirements Management Microsoft Team Foundation Server Microsoft Team Services Microsoft Visual Studio DevOps Agile IIBA BABOK Opportunity requirements: To participate in this opportunity, you need to ... Read More »

Paid Opportunity for Beauty Bloggers

Beauty Bloggers

Beauty Bloggers Dear bloggers, We are looking for beauty bloggers. If you write about, health, fashion, beauty, or do beauty product reviews, check out this opportunity. It may interest you Opportunity requirements: 1- Your blog should be related to beauty, beauty product review. Blogs out topic will not be considered. 2- Your blog should be in English and you should be located in USA. 3- Your blog should ... Read More »

How to Eat, Breathe and Think like an Entrepreneur


Want to be an Entrepreneur? For an entrepreneur, time management skills are among the most important traits which often prove crucial to success. From knowing when to start, when to hold and when it may be time to walk away, decision making and executing a strategy is influenced by the clarity and focus that is generally stimulated by how organized and ... Read More »

Paid Blogging Opportunity for Fitness Bloggers

Fitness Bloggers

Fitness Bloggers Dear bloggers, Thank you for being part of BlogDash community and helping us reaching our clients market goal. We’re launching a campaign for serious fitness bloggers (they could be a specific sport like triathlon, running, crossfit, muscle builder, etc.), basically people who are training more hardcore rather than leisurely fitness. We are looking at a mix of DA’s from ... Read More »

SEO Optimize Your Instagram Page and Posts

Instagram Page and Posts Throughout the years Instagram has grown to one of the biggest social media platforms with over 800+ million active users. Many organizations and startups have seen the potential in this network and therefore invest a lot of time and money in order to reach new potential customers. But if you are a fresh start up with ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Rebranding


Thinking in Rebranding your Brand? Almost every company that stayed in business long enough understands that at some point in time, a rebrand will be in the cards. And it could be ushered in by varying reasons. Be it a changing business landscape, an evolving clientele, a shift in company vision, or an attempt at PR damage control – rebranding ... Read More »

How Long Does SEO Take To Start Working

Does SEO take time?

SEO Takes Time SEO VS Time. If you just created a new website and you are wondering how long it will take for your new site to get to the top, and provide optimized search engine results. You have to add more efforts in the campaign and give it some time to take effect because even the most executed SEO ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Viral Sport Blog Posts

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Viral Sports Blog Posts

How to Write Viral Sport Blog Posts If you are reading this blog post, then you are probably a huge fan of some kind of sports. You follow their news, visit games on different occasions, and have friends who share your passion. But you might have recently decided that this passion might also turn into something more serious. Like blogging ... Read More »

How To Write A Profile That Ensures More Outreach Success On Linkedin

Good Linkedin Profile

Good Linkedin Profile LinkedIn has become a popular social media platform, especially for professionals. It is viewed as a credible site for professional content by 71% of professionals. When compared to other social networks, it has been viewed as the most professional network, which enables users to showcase their expertise as well as build their own brand. It goes further ... Read More »