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Paid opportunity for Technology & Marketing Blogs

Marketing blogs Dear Bloggers, Out client is launching a blogger outreach campaign designed to spread the word about his services and we are looking for bloggers that specialize in marketing, media and technology writing. Our client is a marketing agency that helps people with their data analysis, affiliate program management, creative ecosystem, and media buying. Your mandate will be to ... Read More »

8 Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips You’ve heard a lot about Email Marketing, but you are not sure how it will help to grow your business, Right? There are so many different ways to promote your business today, but my option is email marketing, it is the best and affordable method for marketers. An effective email marketing strategy can get you solid client ... Read More »

Paid opportunity for Blogs Related to Music

Music bloggers

Music Bloggers Music is an art, a series of sounds made by instruments or voices in a way that is pleasant or exciting. listening to music can improve our mental well-being, can boost our physical health, can make us happier and can lower our stress. Do you consider yourself an entertainer blogger? Do you have a blog related to music? Our client is a young singer and he wants to release ... Read More »

Paid Opportunity for Finance Blogs

Finance Blogs

Finance Blogs We are looking for blogs which content is related to Finance. If you blog is related to that category and you have a blogger account in BlogDash platform, we invite you to login and apply to this opportunity. If you don’t have a BlogDash account, please just create one. Our client is a fast-growing credit and loan management ... Read More »

Paid Opportunity for Blogs Related to Travel, Wellness and Yoga

Blogs Related to Travel

For Blogs Related to Travel It is important to take care of our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being throughout the year. Studies show that meditation contributes to wellness and one for our clients’ mission is to take care of their guests’ well-being. Bloggers, Youtubers/Vloggers, is your blog/channel related to travel, wellness and/or yoga? Do you have a good social media ... Read More »

Paid Opportunity for Blog Family Content

Blog Family Content

Blog Family Content Dear bloggers, As you know, our kids spend most of their free time in a virtual world. It is impossible to know what exactly they are doing online or what people they are communicating with. There are numerous online dangers that vary from sexting and cyber bullying to inappropriate adult content and any of them can seriously ... Read More »

Paid Opportunity for Blogs Related to Small Business and Home-Based Business

This is a Product Review Opportunity for Small Business Blogs Dear bloggers, We are looking for Small Business and Home-Based Business bloggers to do product reviews about small office equipment. Client will send you the product, you test it, you write a review about it, you post your review in your blog and share it across your social media accounts. Please ... Read More »