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Networking to Increase Your Outreach

Networking is an effective marketing tool all in itself. If done correctly and as often as possible, networking can be a very results-oreinted marketing tool that can catapult any sized business. In order for networking to work well, there needs to be three things in place: – An interesting product or service. You want to be able to capture and ... Read More »

Guide to Legally Find Pictures for Your Blog

A picture can draw the reader in. It provides visual stimulation that can lead into your content. It can serve as a visual representation of the topic. Overall, it just provides a more enjoyable reading experience.   The tricky part is finding pictures that you”re legally allowed to use in a blog post. There are legal restrictions on pretty much every ... Read More »

10 Ways to Build a Relationship With a Blogger

Getting a business’ message out is best done by talented, influential bloggers. Really good bloggers have the business savvy to know the best way(s) to reach interested readers who want your product or service. The best way to convince bloggers to share your business’ message is to reach out to them, build a working relationship with them and share your business ... Read More »