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The Psychology of Blogging – Why People Blog

Why People Blog

Blogging only started about 20 years ago. A blogger’s goal back then was solely to share their thoughts and feelings about a particular topic with people they knew, similar to an online diary. Today, blogs reach people from all over the globe and can be used for numerous purposes. With millions of them out there in the blogosphere, we thought ... Read More »

How Does One Go About Establishing Credibility Through Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Strategies

In a nutshell, content marketing means consistently delivering quality content in an attempt to acquire new visitors or strategically encourage regular ones to act. Many people believe that online visibility is the key to establishing credibility. Visibility in this context, means getting your content somewhere, anywhere Google will see it. Although it helps get more eyeballs, it isn’t everything. While ... Read More »

Guest Blogging: What’s In It for the Contributor

How to Guest Blogging

Websites are constantly seeking fresh content. The reason behind this is simply because extraordinary content means more unique visitors. Oftentimes, getting a new perspective on a specific topic requires a blog owner reaching out to other great writers in cyberspace and having them post on their blog. In exchange to adding value to their website, the guest blogger receives more ... Read More »

5 Tips for Choosing Your Social Media Content

Tips for Choosing Your Social Media Content

Any business can post stuff on social media. However, that does not mean that you should just post anything on your social media page. You’ve got to be careful when figuring out what types of content you want to post onto your social media page. We want to share this article done by Hubspot about What Types of Content Perform ... Read More »

Creating a Great User Experience for Your Customers

User Experience

With endless websites available for our browsing pleasure on virtually any topic known to man, the online world has rapidly evolved into a predominantly interactive experience. The reason for this shift is due to individuals’ feelings and perceptions about the human/computer interaction becoming more and more significant. According to Wikipedia, the term “user experience” was unheard of prior to the ... Read More »

Networking to Increase Your Outreach

Networking is an effective marketing tool all in itself. If done correctly and as often as possible, networking can be a very results-oreinted marketing tool that can catapult any sized business. In order for networking to work well, there needs to be three things in place: – An interesting product or service. You want to be able to capture and ... Read More »