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Pitching Bloggers: Love At First Sight

Yes, that’s right! When pitching bloggers you must make them love you from the first time you contact them, otherwise you may not get another chance. In order for that to happen you must use some charming tricks, but respect some ground rules at the same time. Welcome to our 80th week of roundup articles, enjoy reading! Courtney Bishop has ... Read More »

Paying Attention to Little Details Can Greatly Improve Your Blogger Outreach Efforts

Welcome to the 78th week of roundup articles meant to improve your blogger outreach efforts. This week we came across a couple of interesting blog posts with tips on how you should be managing your relationship with bloggers. Sometimes, the little details make a big difference. Here are this week’s most interesting articles around the web: Lee Odden’s article One ... Read More »

Hit the Road, Jack!

Hello everyone and welcome to our 77th week of blogger outreach roundup articles. We had this idea in mind that when trying to approach bloggers and promote your content it’s often like embarking in an adventurous journey without knowing what unexpected situations you’ll face or what will be waiting for you at the end of the road. This is why we ... Read More »

How to Successfully Pitch Bloggers

blogger outreach

Hello to you all and welcome to our very special 75th roundup. For this week we focused mainly on how to pitch bloggers the right way. Besides that we’ve also found a couple of interesting resources regarding how to use Pinterest to engage with online influencers and a nice blogger outreach campaign coming from McDonald’s. Therefore sit back and relax ... Read More »

Why blogger outreach is useful?

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We’ve reached the 74th week of roundup articles meant to help you discover why blogger outreach is becoming an important part of social media campaigns. We believe that as a business you need to know how to do blogger outreach the right way, otherwise your brand will get either unnoticed, or bad PR. Here are this week’s best blogger outreach ... Read More »

The importance of doing blogger outreach

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Hello and welcome to our 73rd week of blogger outreach roundup articles. This week we’ve searched the web for the most interesting articles on how to perform blogger outreach campaigns and were impressed with what we have found. Our research for the past week has unveiled some useful articles on relationship building and on using social platforms to engage with ... Read More »

Blogger outreach made fast and easy

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Welcome to our 72nd week of roundup articles on blogger outreach. It seems that the beginning of summer has inspired people all around the blogosphere to share valuable advice with us. Today we’re bringing you some efficient examples of how not to run blogger outreach campaigns and some useful tips on how to connect your brand with top influencers. Sit ... Read More »