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The Power Of Reposting In Social Media. Don’t Miss Out!

Posted by: BlogDash Team- January 23, 2014 /5:34 am

When it comes to promote your brand and boost your site’s traffic, blogs and social media go hand-in-hand, no question about it.

We bet you are sharing your blog posts across your social media accounts on a timely manner, right? B…

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Let The ROI Do The Talking: Ad Words Vs. Blogging

Posted by: BlogDash Team- January 20, 2014 /6:58 am

When it comes to gaining visibility for our brand, site or company, there are now tons of tactics and vehicles out there to get that done. Now, when it comes to trying to get the most out of our ad spending, we usually get caught on the low CPC rates provided by

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The Key To Understand Your Readers Behavior (And Make Your Blog Grow!)

Posted by: BlogDash Team- January 9, 2014 /7:57 am

To state the pivotal role of good content when it comes to make your blog grow, never gets old. If we have previously talked about the importance of a having an effective content strategy to strength your blog brand, now we want to mention a new strategy that may help you analyze your content and…

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How Good Content Strategy Can Make Your Blogging Life Much Easier

Posted by: BlogDash Team- December 30, 2013 /6:23 am

As a blogger myself, it didn’t take much long to realize the positive impact that a good content strategy can make in my blog. And I’m not only talking about a potential traffic growth –which let’s face it, it is one of the pivotal par…

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Are You Truly Making The Most Out Of Your Instagram Account?

Posted by: BlogDash Team- December 27, 2013 /5:28 am

Instagram is certainly one of the most powerful and popular social media platforms out there: Who doesn’t like to be an active part of such a cool lifestyle community?

In fact, Instagram is progressively becoming much more than a social media platform. It is a li…

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Tips for Beginners: Making your Blog Successful

Posted by: BlogDash Team- August 29, 2013 /12:31 pm

Photo cred: Piermario

Hi everybody! We are already into our 128th week of round-ups! This one’s dedicated to all the beginners out there who are either thinking of starting a blog or have just begun.  Are you asking yourself questions such as “How do I start?” or “How can I be sure my blog will suc…

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The Secret to Connecting with Influencers

Posted by: BlogDash Team- August 9, 2013 /12:27 pm


Welcome to the 127th week of round-ups! With the weekend just around the corner, we thought we’d keep it light and let you in on an itty-bitty secret when connecting with bloggers – sincerity.

More often than not, companies are so focused on getting their message out, they f…

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A Blogger’s Role in Brand Awareness, ROI and How to Measure It

Posted by: BlogDash Team- July 31, 2013 /4:04 pm


Hey everyone! Welcome to the 126th week of article round-ups! For this week, we wanted to focus on a blogger’s role in brand awareness, the ROI of blogging, and how to measure it. Return on investment (or ROI) is a significant part of business as it can be used to measure the value o…

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Great Insights for Improving Your Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Posted by: BlogDash Team- July 25, 2013 /3:05 pm


We’ve reached the 125th week of round-up articles. It’s been amazing to see how many useful resources on blogger outreach we could share with you since we started this blog.

We’d also like to thank you for the insightful and useful feedback along the way. It proves these w…

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Successfully Working with Bloggers

Posted by: BlogDash Team- July 18, 2013 /10:45 am


We’ve reached the 124th week of blogger outreach round-up articles. For this week we’d like to share some awesome new articles on how to identify the right influencers for your brand and ways to attract them to work with you.

As a PR/marketing pro, this is one of the first p…

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